Ambien is one of the best drugs available in the market for treating severe insomnia. The medicine comes in two forms and it is your doctor who can suggest which of the one is more suitable for you. The immediate-release tablet is generally recommended for people that want to get sleep the moment they lie on the bed.
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The other form is an extended-release tablet and is known as Ambien CR acts in two stages. The first layer of the tablet dissolves speedily to help you to fall asleep the moment you go to bed. The second layer dissolves slowly so that you are not disrupted in the middle of your sleep and remain asleep till you wake up. The medicine works by slowing down the activities in the brain and therefore makes you completely relaxed so that you don’t have unnecessary thoughts to disrupt your sound sleep.

Ambien can impair your thinking or reactions and if misused it may lead to life-threatening conditions and this means hospitalization. Ambien is not a free for all medication and belongs to the class of drugs called Zolpidem may impair your thinking and reactions in daily life activities. The medication should be avoided if you are allergic to it or if your doctor says so after going through your past and current medical histories.

Ambien for Short-Term only

Ambien is generally recommended to patients suffering from insomnia for only short periods. Generally, the doctor will recommend only smaller doses and over time will increase the dosage. If you take it for long period you may suffer from addiction which can complicate your health further and create severe side effects. The dosage of the medication should be taken as per your doctor’s suggestion and not as per your whims and fancies. Some side effects may even result in death.

If you do not sleep well for 7 to 8 hours your doctor may ask you to stop the drug and start with another one. Usually, the medicine is not taken for more than 5 weeks. The tablet shouldn’t be crushed, chewed, or broken and the pill is to be swallowed whole. If you crush and take it separately then it gives symptoms like overdose that can be life-threatening.

The hypnotic sedative ambien is to be kept tightly closed away from moisture and heat and at room temperature. Otherwise, it may get spoiled, and taking it in this form may result in several side effects. The medicine is not meant to be kept in a refrigerator and taking it with other medicines can prove to be dangerous unless your doctor says so.

If you suffer from symptoms like confusion, light-headed feeling, passing into a coma, or shallow breathing you must be admitted to a hospital. You cannot take the medicine if you are sensitive to lactose. It is generally advised by doctors that patients shouldn’t take part in any physical activities like driving, going outdoors, or engaging in hazardous activities at the workplace while taking the medicine.

Symptoms to Watch Out

You may find things fine as some of your friends have suggested but your doctor is the right person to contact in case you find something not right. You may suffer from sudden chest pain, trouble breathing, a feeling that you may pass out, or dizziness or excessive drowsiness. In all such cases, you must contact your doctor immediately.

Some people experience difficulty in swallowing food, unusual thoughts, memory problems, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, etc. These symptoms would mean that you need to stop taking the medicine and call your doctor. Patients sometimes even forget their activities a few hours earlier like phone calls, eating, walking, or having sex.

In all of the above symptoms, your doctor is the best person to contact.